At Orana, our informative and engaging workshops immerse children in topics that sit outside the regular school curriculum. Created by our passionate and committed teaching professionals, each program is age-specific, intended to provide diversity and interactivity, as well as encourage peer-learning and interaction in workshops of limited size.

Our fascinating and comprehensive subject range includes:

  • Engineering
  • Forensics
  • Architecture
  • Chemistry
  • Archaeology
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Music
  • Geography
  • Earth sciences
  • Handwork
  • Cooking

…to name a few!

Whether developing literacy through role play or exploring history through the world of archaeology, the use of theory in combination with hands-on activities ensures learning experiences that engross and captivate young minds.

Our day begins with your child signed in and ready to absorb the opportunities that lie ahead, dressed in casual, comfortable clothing with sturdy enclosed footwear, and hat and sunscreen on hand for any outside activity.

After 30 minutes of informal games and activities, the teaching professional dedicated to each age-specific workshop of a maximum of 22 participants, introduces themselves and welcomes your child and their fellow members to a day of fun, learning and excitement.

A morning of hands-on activity combined with an appropriate level of theory that engages the children through the demonstration of its practical application, is followed by morning tea and play.

The mid-morning learning period is followed by a 45 minute lunch break which offers the opportunity for your child to interact with peers as well as potentially develop new friendships, all in a safe and established school setting.

The afternoon program includes another half-hour break including afternoon tea, and the day’s workshops come to a conclusion at 4pm.

Informal care encompassing games and activities is also available until 6.00pm as required.

Please be advised that Orana Holiday Program is a unique holiday program, in that we run specific topic workshops that change each day. Children are expected to participate in the workshop as there is no alternate supervised area, except during designated break times.

If your child is unable or unwilling to participate in a full day workshop, please reconsider before booking this program.

Orana Holiday Program has a strict behaviour code. In the interest of the learning opportunity of all of our students, consistently disruptive students will be removed from workshops and parents will be asked to collect them